Are you looking for PG&E Customer Service Number? Then, you are at the correct page. Here, we have provided the detailed list of PG and E Customer Service Phone Number. Therefore, dial the PG&E Customer Service Phone Number and speak to the PG&E Customer Service Line Agent in order to get answers to your questions.

PG&E Customer Service Number


PG&E Customer Service Number

Brief Description of PG & E Customer Service

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is an investor-owned electric utility (IOU) with publicly traded stock in the United States.
  • PG&E has been founded in the year 1905 and it has its headquarters in Pacific Gas & Electric Building, San Francisco, California, United States.
  • PG&E provides natural gas and electricity to most of the northern two-thirds of California.
  • The PG&E offers excellent customer services to the customers. There are different PG&E Customer Service Number for various services.
  • The various PG and E Customer Service Number include PG&E Bill Customer Service, PG&E Business Customer Service Phone Number, PG&E Solar Customer Service, PG&E Outage Phone Number, PG&E Bill Pay Number, PG&E Vegetation Management Phone Number, PG&E Gas Leak Report Number, PG&E Solar Department Phone Number, pg&e 1800 phone number etc. 
  • Read this page completely and get the pg&e toll free phone number for contacting the representatives.

PG&E Customer Service Number


PG and E Customer Service Number

PG&E Customer Service Number
PG and E Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-743-5000
PG&E Outage Phone Number 1-800-743-5002
PG&E Gas Leak Report Number 1-888-743-7431
How to Contact PG&E Customer Service
  • Welcome to PG&E Company’s new & enhanced Customer Service center.
  • Please press “1”, If you are calling to report a hazardous or emergency situation.
    • To get started, please tell me briefly for what you are calling. Such as you could say setting up a payment plan or my electricity is out. Hence tell me, what are you calling about? Go ahead.
    • My electricity is out.
    • Okay, you are calling about a power outage, are you calling about a hazardous situation like a gas leak or down power line?
    • No.
    • Okay, is this an outage you have already called about? Please say yes or no.
    • No.
    • Alright, I’ll check for an outage in your area. First, let’s get your outage location. 
  • For all other inquiries please remain on the line when you call pg&e toll free number. Above given is the toll free number for pg&e.

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PG&E Customer Service Number – PG and E Customer Service
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