Are you in the search of Dominion Power Customer Service Number? Then, you are at the right place. The complete list of Dominion Virginia Power Customer Service Number along with the Dominion Power Customer Service Hours is available on this page. Therefore, now you can easily get in touch with the Dominion Customer Service Representative and can get answers to your questions by calling to the Dominion Virginia Power Phone Number which is provided in the below table.

Dominion Power Customer Service Number


Dominion Power Customer Service Number

About Dominion VA Power Customer Service

  • Dominion Energy is an American Power and energy company that supplies electricity in the parts of Virginia and North Carolina and supplies natural gas to parts of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and eastern North Carolina.
  • The Dominion has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, United States.
  • The Dominion Energy has been founded in the year 1983 in Virginia, United States.
  • Dominion also has generation facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
  • The three operating businesses of Dominion are Dominion Generation, Dominion Virginia and North Carolina Power, and Dominion Energy.
  • Dominion also offers good customer support to the customers. The various Dominion Customer Service Number include Old Dominion Freight Phone Number, Dominion East Ohio Phone Number Service, Dominion Energy Customer Service Number, Dominion Energy Solutions Phone Number, old dominion power customer service number, Dominion Virginia Power Emergency Number, Dominion Gas Customer Service Number, Dominion East Ohio gas Customer Service Number, Dominion Payroll Customer Service Number, Old Dominion Insurance Customer Service Number, virginia power customer service number, dominion hope phone number,dominion hope gas phone number, dominion hope customer service number etc.

Dominion Power Customer Service Number

Virginia Dominion Power Customer Service Number

Dominion Power Customer Service Number
Dominion Customer Service Phone Number 1-866-366-4357
Dominion East Ohio Phone Number Service 1-800-362-7557
Dominion Virginia Power Emergency Number East Ohio 1-877-542-2630
Dominion Power Phone Number Hope West Virginia 1-800-688-4673
Dominion Power Emergency Number Hope 1-800-934-3187
How to Contact Dominion Power Customer Service
  • Thank you so much for calling Dominion Customer Service.
  • For quality & training purposes, your call will be recorded. Are you calling to report your payment? Report it now & avoid waiting by using our automated phone system, it is easy and secure. Select billing & payment from our main menu and then choose the option to report a payment using your receipt number. The 1800 dominion power series for contacting them.
  • Press or say “1”, To report an outage or downed wire electrical issues, or if you are working near power lines.
    • Please press or say “1”, to report a power outage.
    • To report an emergency downed wire damaged equipment or a street light outage, press or say “2”.
    • Press or say “3”, if you are working near power lines.
    • If your power has been shut off due to nonpayment, then press or say “4”.
    • Please press or say “9”, to return to the previous menu.
    • To repeat these options press or say star(*).
  • Please press or say “2”, for billing and payment.
  • Press or say “3”, to stop, start or transfer service.
  • For energy conservation programs to update your phone number for energy saving tips online technical difficulties or anything else, press or say “4”.
  • Press or say star (*), to repeat these options.
  • The above-mentioned number is a dominion power automated phone system or Virginia power customer service phone number/dominion hope customer service phone number/ Dominion Virginia power emergency number which is helpful to communicate. The provided is same as old dominion power customer service number.

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Dominion Power Customer Service Number – Dominion Power Customer Care
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