If you are finding for Allstate Customer Service Number, then you are at the right location. The 1800 Numbers list for Allstate Customer Support has been provided on this page. So, you can easily check Allstate Phone Number on this site. Therefore, contact Allstate Customer Care Center and resolve your issues by using the Allstate Customer Service Phone Number.

Allstate Customer Service Number


Allstate Customer Service Number

Brief Description of Allstate 1800 Customer Service

  • The Allstate Corporation is a publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States.
  • Allstate has been founded on 17th April 1931 and it has its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, United States.
  • The Allstate company also has personal lines Insurance operations in Canada.
  • Allstate has been started as a part of Sears, Roebuck & Co., and was spun off in the year 1993.
  • Allstate offers an excellent customer support to the customers.
  • The various Allstate Customer Service Number include Allstate Car Insurance Customer Service Number, Allstate Life Insurance Customer Service Number, Allstate Annuity Customer Service Number, Allstate Business Insurance Customer Service Number, Allstate Structured Settlement Customer Service Number, Allstate annuities phone number, Allstate Flood Insurance Customer Service Number, Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Customer Service Number, Allstate Auto Insurance Claims Phone Number, Allstate Auto Insurance Claims Phone Number, allstate customer care number, Allstate Commercial Auto Insurance Phone Number, allstate annuity customer service number etc.

Allstate Customer Service Number

Phone Number for Allstate Insurance Customer Service

Allstate Customer Service Number
Allstate Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)
Allstate Phone Number 1-877-810-2920
Allstate Insurance Phone Number TTY 1-800-877-8973
Allstate Number to Contact Agent 1-888-213-0085
Allstate Claims Phone Number 1-800-255-7828
How to Contact Allstate Customer Service
  • Thank you so much for calling Allstate. The number starts with 1800allstate which is toll free number.
  • Just so you know and for quality assurance, we may monitor or record this call.
  • Firstly, are you calling to report a new claim or to check on a claim that you’ve already filed? Just say yes or no.
  • Yes
    • Sure. One moment.
    • Alright. Which of these would you like to do – check on an existing claim, file a new claim, or get roadside assistance?
      • File a new claim.
      • Alright. Please say or enter your 9-digit policy Number or say I don’t have it.
      • Check the existing claim.
      • Please say or enter the Claim Number, or say I don’t have it
      • If you know the policy Number you can tell me that now or key something in
      • Roadside assistance: Sure I’ll get you right over to someone in our roadside team (real person)
  • No.
    • OK, are you an Allstate policyholder?
    • No.
    • Alright, I can help you with a quote for new Insurance.
    • I can also connect you to our emergency roadside assistance team, or for any other questions I can connect to someone who can help
    • So just say, “Get a quote”, “Roadside assistance”, or say, “Help me with something else” at any time you can say representative or press 0.
    • Get a quote.
    • Alright, what kind of coverage are you looking for?
    • You can say things like auto Insurance or a home owner’s policy.
    • Auto Insurance.
    • And what’s the zip code where you need that coverage?
  • Therefore Allstate structured settlement phone number or allstate structured settlements phone number or Allstate 1800 phone number is available which will be useful for future need. So just dial allstate 1800 customer service for easy interaction.

Source: https://www.Allstate.com/support/overview.aspx

Allstate Customer Service Number & Allstate Customer Care Center
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